Majikthise (soresuress) wrote in andyfornia,

Tentsssss and other stuff.

Sorry for not being available and joining late and all, but I just got back from Phoenix. Ah I miss the sun.


On the tent issue, I checked with Andy to make sure and he does have two tents already there in CA. I don't have to bring the big one if everyone is going to bring others, but just plan on the extra expenses because we can only have one tent per site. Not to mention that we need to keep in mind packing conservatively. Someone mentioned "monster van" (it has 4 sq ft I think)...but remember that there will be 8 of us to fit inside for alot of hours and that the more space we have, the better, no matter how we look at it. Less weight will also save on gas. (So if we could all drop about 10 lbs in the next two weeks, that would be great...ja ja ja).

On the meeting for the day - The plan is to meet here at "Kristen and Karun's place". The van is here at the airport about 15 minutes from my apt. We are scheduled to pick it up at 5pm, we'll bring it back here, pack it up and take off. I figure we'll pack, eat, pee, and be off. That way it will be cool, near dark for the people who will need to sleep for the overnight shift, and less traffic. I unfortunately had to bargain for my vacation so I have to work until 3pm that day, but there will be arrangements for my apartment to be available. I hope that everyone will try to be there by 3 or so because we'll need to arrange and survey the stuff that needs to be packed and one last go over of things that we have/need.

The car top thing, are Markio and Jennn bringing that here? Just making sure.

I'm putting together a first aid kit that will include bandaids, hydrocortisone, immodium, etc.

On another note of consolidation...

Because there will be so many days and so little room for stuff, a good idea may be for us to pack about half and plan on making a laundry stop, either as one of our longer stops on the drive or in CA, before we leave to come back. Also, if its possible, maybe we could share some of the other stuff, like, bring one regular size bottle of shampoo/conditioner (or two, one for boys and one for girls or something) and toothpaste or something, just because I know that I'll have to have something bigger than one travel size for 10 days, and so will the rest of you. (ahem, jessica, ;) ) Anyway, just a thought, let me know.

Oh and........13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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we won't bring our tent then. it was just a tiny thing but if for sure it is only one tent per site then there is no use brining it.

plans to meet sound good. we will need directions but we can worry about that later.

i am bringing the car top carrier. just remember it isn't water proof so it would be a good idea to put anything that is going inside it into something also water proof, like garbage bags or something.
I think we should definitely plan on bringing the tent for 8, and just have that be our only one. If Andy has extra, we should be fine. Consolidating toiletries is a great idea, we can do that before we pack the van, it'll be easier to do it when we're all in the same room, and not over livejournal probably. If everybody just brings what they normally use in normal size bottles/containers, we can just choose what to bring. Cuz 3 ounces of shampoo just isn't going to cut it for me. I would definitely recommend that we all bring our own sunscreen and bug repellant, because we may go through a lot of that.

My parents may also have a few camping accessories, but I'm not sure what they are, I'll find out this weekend. Flashlights and other assorted stuff. Does everybody have a sleeping bag? If not, my parents also have extra of those. Let me know.
Sleeping bags are good, and take up less room than inflated air mattresses. We'll see how many we can cram.
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