Alucard the space pirate (itsamarkio) wrote in andyfornia,
Alucard the space pirate

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just a few questions

When are we meeting? Can someone give me GOOD directions so that I do not get lost? Who's all driving? do we have the van rented? do we have reservations at a camp ground?
I'm just trying to figure things out.
I have been checking on comments, and I know of all the drama thats been going on, but I would like to know a finalized list of who is all going. I haven't said anything about the resent happenings on LJ and I am not going to, I just want everyone to know that I am excited to go to California and visit my
ex-roommate not matter what is going on, but I am a worry-wort when it comes to details on planing a trip (it's a flaw). So please, let me know what is going on.
Do we need flashlights, a med-kit, some sort of chopping device, or any cooking stuff?
What time are we planning on leaving?
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