emilie (tricked4treats) wrote in andyfornia,

sorry to bother everyone with more silly questions.

so i know someone told me the make of the van we are renting but i don't bother to learn all that stuff and so what i want to know is if the van is only an 8 passanger van or if it is like a 12 or 16 passenger van or some such business. i know we will have limited space, but exactly how limited?

also jessica had a good idea of bringing sandwhiches. i like that idea becuase i love sandwhiches and i would marry them only i don't like all the emotional baggage tht comes along with it. anyways, should we all just plan on going shopping together once we get to kristen's and karun's place or should we make up lists of what people should bring along?

well, i dunno, just trying to think of things for the trip. if everything is all figured out then let me know and i will just shutup.

see you all soon.
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We could probably go shopping when we get there. If you want, we could meet a little earlier than the planned time (which is at 5), and run to a meijer's of some sort in the area. I also like sammiches. Also a few things that I am bringing after looting my parents' garage:

1. a bow saw, for cutting wood. very slender and will fit in many places
2. plastic drop cloth, for under the tent
3. electric frying pan, in case we want to make something that doesn't involve a fire
4. a four plug extension cord with extra long extension cord. very useful, and quite small
5. a bazillion plastic cups
6. box full of plastic utensils
7. unscented laundry detergent, to keep from attracting the bugs. I'll throw some in a small tupperware
8. clothesline and clothespins

I will post other things as I find them. We couldn't find the little propane stove, but with the thing that Jen's bringing, and the electric frying pan, I think we'll be okay.
sounds good but the meeting time is closer to 3 pm because we are picking the van up at 5 and that way it gives us time to take care of shopping and deciding what not to bring or things we have doubles of.
Then for those who want sammiches, earlier than that then. And for Jen and Mark, let me know if you still need directions. I'll give you a ring if you do.
i didn't even think of extension cords.

and i think we will be fine without the propane stove if we got the other things.

things are looking good.